Once Upon a Roleplay

Officially closing this blog down.

Probably should’ve done this a while ago, but here it is. I’ll keep the page up for guides and any other things I did, but I’m just not really motivated to roleplay and stuff anymore so there’s no real need to have this blog. I’ll be spending my time on my personal, which can be found here. Love you all dearly, but I think it’s time to say goodbye.

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Antique key pistols. 


Cracked says:

First used in the 16th century, key guns allowed a jailer to keep his weapon throughout the entire extremely vulnerable process of opening a cell door, thus never leaving him unprotected. Well, all except for the times when he’s actually using the key/barrel end of the pistol to disengage the lock. That’s right, key guns weren’t just shaped like keys to throw people off or disguise their nature as pistols — they’re both functional keys and functional pistols

Aldis Hodge | ZOOEY MAGAZINE (April 2013)

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